HARD... RAW... DEEP... FUNK: Jimmy McGriff - Electric Funk (1969)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jimmy McGriff - Electric Funk (1969)

"The title of Electric Funk may lead you to believe that it's a set of unrepentant, rampaging hard funk, but that's not quite the case. The record is laid-back but undeniably funky, with Jimmy McGriff and electric pianist Horace Ott leading an unnamed group through a set of soul workouts. It's not jazz, it's jazzy soul, and it's among the funkiest of any soul-jazz records from the late '60s, filled with stuttering drum breaks, lite fuzz guitars, elastic bass, smoldering organ, and punchy, slightly incongruous horn charts."



1. Jimmy Mcgriff - Back On The Track (3:17)
 2. Jimmy Mcgriff - Chris Cross (3:45)
 3. Jimmy Mcgriff - Miss Poopie (3:17)
 4. Jimmy Mcgriff - The Bird Wave (4:01)
 5. Jimmy Mcgriff - Spear For Moondog, Part 1 (3:28)
 6. Jimmy Mcgriff - Spear For Moondog, Part 2 (3:03)
 7. Jimmy Mcgriff - Tight Times (3:57)
 8. Jimmy Mcgriff - Spinning Wheel (3:34)
 9. Jimmy Mcgriff - Funky Junk (3:44)

Jimmy Mcgriff - Funky Junk


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