HARD... RAW... DEEP... FUNK: 16 Heavy Funk Ballads

Monday, December 26, 2011

16 Heavy Funk Ballads

Hello, my dear friends =)
This year is coming to the end and I decided to show up at last with the new comp i wanted to do a long time ago for you. So I hope you like my NY present because it was made with all my heart and soul =)

I wish you Happy New Year brothers and sisters. Hope to see ya in the next =)

Faithfully yours, FunkyBoss =)


1. The Kashmere Stage Band - Ain't No Sunshine (live) (4:21)
2. The Mickey & The Soul Generation - Help (I Need Your Love) (live) (3:50)
3. The Dayton Sidewinders - Phoenix (3:25)
4. The Hot Chocolate - We Had True Love (6:13)
5. The Meters - Stormy (3:31)
6. The Equatics - Where Is Love? (4:36)
7. The Black Merda - Reality (1:58)
8. The Ebony Rhythm Band - Can I Call You Baby (The Pearls) (3:35)
9. The Innersouls - Thoughts (3:22)
10. The Darling Dears - And I Love You (3:29)
11. The Wille & The Mighty Magnificents - Sundry (2:55)
12. Fugi - Can't You Hear Me Call You, Woman (4:25)
13. The Ultimates - Progressive Movement (3:49)
14. Jhonny Cameron & The Camerons - I Love You (Yes I Do) (2:50)
15. Boobie Knight & The Soulciety - April (5:23)
16. The Black on White Affair - Auld Lang Syne (4:01)

Link in comments

The Innersouls - Thoughts


  1. Great flow - I totally hear all the thought you put into this. Many thanks & Happy New Year!

  2. great comp but link not found?!

  3. Looking great! Thanks for this great stuff!

  4. great stuff, happy new year!

  5. many thanx funky boss for this outstanding mix! also for introducing me to fugi, i'm DLing their album now (that you also have so graciously shared with us).
    love, thanks & FUNK!

  6. many thanks and much respect for the mix. you might like this nice soul makeout mix i made live one evening. read the story. it's my excuse for all the mistakes. hope you dig. http://soundcloud.com/djyellowfever/yf-soul-45s-5-7-08-pt1