HARD... RAW... DEEP... FUNK: Bar Kays - Gotta Groove (1969)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Bar Kays - Gotta Groove (1969)

                              "Initially a funky instrumental soul combo on Stax/Volt, the Bar-Kays were nearly destroyed when most of the band perished in the same plane crash that claimed Otis Redding. Amazingly, the Bar-Kays not only regrouped but prospered, evolving into a popular funk ensemble over the course of the '70s. They continued to score hits on the R&B charts through much of the '80s as well, making for a career longevity that no one would have predicted for Stax's formerly star-crossed number-two house band.

The Bar-Kays were formed in Memphis, TN, in 1966, growing out of a local group dubbed the Imperials. Modeled on classic Memphis soul instrumental outfits like the Mar-Keys and Booker T. & the MG's, the Bar-Kays originally included guitarist Jimmy King (not the famed bluesman), trumpeter Ben Cauley, organist Ronnie Caldwell, saxophonist Phalon Jones, bassist James Alexander, and drummer Carl Cunningham. Adopting a mutated version of their favorite brand of rum (Bacardi) as their name, the band started playing heavily around Memphis, and eventually caught the attention of Stax/Volt, which signed the sextet in early 1967."


1. The Bar Kays - Grab This Thing (2:18)
2. The Bar Kays - Don't Stop Dancing (To This Music) Pt.2 (2:25)
3. The Bar Kays - Street Walker (3:23)
4. The Bar Kays - Yesterday (3:22)
5. The Bar Kays - Humpin' (2:46)
6. The Bar Kays - Hey Jude (6:03)
7. The Bar Kays - Don't Stop Dancing (To This Music) Pt.1 (2:56)
8. The Bar Kays - If This World Was Mine (3:13)
9. The Bar Kays - In The Hole (2:56)
10. The Bar Kays - Funky Thang (3:12)
11. The Bar Kays - Jiving 'round (3:18)

The Bar Kays - Don't Stop Dancing (To This Music) Pt.1

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