HARD... RAW... DEEP... FUNK: July 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hot Chocolate - Hot Chocolate (1971) (US)

"During the '70s, a pair of different bands used the Hot Chocolate moniker: one was based in the UK (scoring a massive worldwide disco hit with "You Sexy Thing"), while the other was lesser-known and hailed from the US (Cleveland, OH, to be exact). Consisting of members Lou Ragland (vocals, guitar), George Pickett (bass), and Tony Roberson (drums), Hot Chocolate built a regional following by playing live shows, but only managed to issue a pair of singles (1970's "We Had True Love" b/w "Good for the Gander" and 1973's "Since You Said You'd Be Mine," the latter of which was credited solely to Ragland) and a seven-track self-titled debut album from 1971. When the trio found out that another band shared their name, they decided to rename themselves Seven Miles High. Although Hot Chocolate's debut sank without a trace upon its initial release, it has become a cult classic within record-collecting circles and for funk fans"


1. Hot Chocolate - aint that a groove (5:54)
2. Hot Chocolate - so damn funny (3:53)
3. Hot Chocolate - sexy moods of your mind (5:28)
4. Hot Chocolate - messing with sly (4:05)
5. Hot Chocolate - we had true love (6:13)
6. Hot Chocolate - what do you want to do (4:28)
7. Hot Chocolate - what should i do (3:47)

Hot Chocolate - So Damn Funny